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Yanmingquan Scenic Spot


Yanmingquan scenic area of Jiaxian county is located in the north of Jiaxian County, Pingdingshan City, 4 km away from the county. It is a comprehensive suburban scenic spot with ecological leisure and sightseeing as the main part and sports fitness, popular science education, fruit picking and other service functions.

The total planning area of the scenic area is 2529.65 hectares, with 867 hectares of core area. There are more than 40 kinds of trees and more than 1 million trees planted in the core area. It is fresh in spring, green in summer, fiery in maple forest in autumn, and green pine and cypress in winter. In addition, there are thousands of acres of fruit picking bases around the scenic spot. It has a forest landscape of beautiful stand landscape, orderly forest forms and fragrant flowers and fruits in four seasons.

There are more than 40 scenic spots in the scenic area, such as good man celebrity Park, echo wall, Wanglong Pavilion, Tianchi, etc. In terms of supporting facilities, there is a tourist service center, a total construction area of more than 11000 square meters of large and small parking lots, and 8 public toilets. All kinds of guide service signs are complete and have complete functions.

  • Fengyi Pavilion
    Fengyi Pavilion
  • Yanmingquan (Temple)
    Yanmingquan (Temple)
  • Patriotism Education Base
    Patriotism Education Base
  • Heaven Pool
    Heaven Pool
  • Blessing tree
    Blessing tree
  • Maple forest
    Maple forest

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